FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Comes With More Stars, But Less Fun

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The football world has once again experienced a summer of record-breaking fees. Superstar Neymar buys himself for 222 million euros from Barcelona to play at PSG. There, a few financial tricks are used to afford Mbappé. Lukaku is almost a bargain. In short, it is the stars that shape the billion-dollar business of football. EA Sports also knows this, which celebrates the super kickers with “Fifa 18” like never before. The faces, bodies, gestures of Messi, Ronaldo and Co. are even more detailed, and the gameplay has also been tailored to the exceptional talents.

FUT 18 Gameplay

That’s not exactly pleasant. Those who switch seamlessly from Fifa 17 to Fifa 18 feel as if they had taken a sleeping pill. Especially in defense, the game becomes much slower and slower. It’s harder to ward off attacks. But this is not necessarily a move towards more realism. You can still only control one player and order another to cover the person holding the ball. You have to rely on the artificial intelligence of your teammates. If you want to make up for their mistakes, you depend on the speed of your own player. But it was cut back enormously. A wrong action – a failed tackling, a bad trajectory – and the defences can be overcome by the opponent.


Attackers shine

This in turn closes the gap to the superstars: because it is the attackers who shine. It’s a Messi, a Ronaldo, a Neymar, who dries out the defence and comes to a close. Of course, there are famous defenders – think of Sergio Ramos. But their popularity and farewell amounts are far from the creative offensive players. Because FUT 18 also wants to be sexy, it focuses more and more on the brilliance of the forward and wing stars than on tactically demanding defending.

Significant improvements are to be found in the wing play. Flanks are now more precise, and also steep passes for wing players like Ronaldo are better. This reflects the current playing style of most teams. The characteristics of the individual teams have now been distilled out even more clearly than in the “Fifa”predecessors, although this has to do with the focus on the superstars. You “feel”when you steer a Gareth Bale, for example – it feels quite different from a Neymar or an average player.

Stay in a winning team

As always, there are different online modes and popular card collecting in the Ultimate Team. The story mode around the fictional young footballer Alex Hunter, whose ascent is accompanied by an escort, was retained. This campaign is a nice gimmick that adds a few hours of gameplay fun. It is also suitable for preparing newcomers to the rest of “Fifa”. The “Finetuning” category includes the option of quickly exchanging players. Three changes can be determined beforehand, which are then quickly processed during the match. The licenses have been slightly extended, now the German Cup is playable. The rights for players and clubs remain the ace in EA’s sleeve. Competitor “Pro Evolution Soccer” may delight football fans in terms of gameplay, but most football fans are not only fans of the sport, but also of the individual footballers or teams. Playing with them is a great attraction of virtual football.

Expensive update

But it doesn’t matter. “Fifa 18” is just as expensive as “Fifa 17″,”Fifa 16” and “Fifa 15” for their release, and most of the millions of players who purchase the current version within a few days after the launch of the game will probably have these predecessors at home as well. EA Sports is happy, Fifa and Co are happy thanks to royalties as well, and so are the clubs, which also refinance the three-digit million Euro sums with “FUT 18”. Football is turbo-capitalist at the club level, and yet millions of people (respectively for that very reason) enjoy it. Fifa 18 perfectly expresses it.

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